Welcome to my site!


I am saxophonist, microtonalist, performer and sound artist. Since 1992 I have been creating microtonal instruments and performing in collaboration with theatre, dance, circus companies, video and film works as well as music groups in Brazil and abroad. Living in the U.K since 2004, I was granted a first class Ba degree in Music&Visual Arts by the University of Brighton in 2011 with “Insideout”, a solo performance exploring internal body sounds combined with Arduino technology. In 2016, I released my first solo EP for the music industry by Brazilian Sê-Lo netlabel entitled Saxcretino, after one of my microtonal adaptations from the original works by Swiss composer Anton Walter Smetak. My latest work, ( album Building Sites, in partnership with Guitarist Fernando machado) was released in June 2020. This site is still under construction and there is a lot to be done. Nevertheless, if you want to find out more about me, clic on the options at the top menu. Enjoy!