Casa de Barro


Above, short stop-frame featured in the end of the video (Full video available on Youtube)

This is another home-made production of mine. The project started with the making of the house (winter 22/23 - mostly clay, wire, paper, wood, ceramic, glass, vinyl), in which the original purpose was to serve as a winter anti-depression strategy/activity. 

The script was developed as the house construction progressed, using inspiration from the geopolitics of that specific moment in time/space as well as the mental heath challenges that touch so many people in the post-pandemic today. The content is about individual/social anxiety and depression, life and death, transitions and renovation. 

For the aesthetics, I had to take in consideration all my limitations in relation to this project's production (no space, no budget), which gave it a very flexible nature. I also chose to use both Brazilian Portuguese and British English mixed together throughout the video. In relation to the image quality, it varies a lot. The videos were recorded during 2023 using a Nikon D3100, a Canon EOS 60D, iPhones (X, and 7) and lo-fi mini endoscope camera for the interior of the house. The video edition was done on Final Cut Pro and GIMP (for the ants) during the last trimester of 2023.

The main music theme (Deixe a Luz Acesa) was originally composed and recorded/edited in 2016 and abandoned till this project.The radio theme (Decretino Demissivo) was released in 2018 and the full track can be found in my SoundCloud page. All audio and visual were done at home - Brighton U.K. Further documentation and images of the making of this work will be uploaded soon.

-Try watching it in high quality HD ;)