Borges Machado


Borges Machado is an experimental duo that works with improvisation and field recordings. We released our debut album with 3 sound art pieces in June 2020. Each piece was inspired by different urban soundscapes. The recording process consisted in choosing a soundscape in the field, recording it, taking it into studio, listening to it and building a dialog with it through improvisation.

The pre-recorded soundscapes were chosen by their character of noise, disruptive, unwanted and unpleasant to the mind and ears, either in a conscious way or unconsciously. Building sites, busy roads and electric household machines that are part of the daily noisy urban life and is undoubtedly influential to people's moods in daily like are in this work, accepted and welcomed as music material for an improvisational experiment, as we understand that every sound is able to become music material, being either by the interpretation of the listener or by being structured with a musical purpose.

For the live aspect of the project, on one side there is the musical outcome, originated from the expectation of the unknown, which is natural of improvisational activities, plus the richness of the visual connection between strange sounds and the objects that produce them (as it is with the microtonal handmade instruments) for the audience. On the other side, there is the social outcome, providing the opportunity to raise awareness and promote communication on soundscapes among the general public and those involved in policy, including new ways of tackling urban noise and improving local soundscape quality, which is directly related to the wellbeing of the population in big cities.

The recordings of the album Building Sites were mixed and mastered by Brazilian André Magalhaes, percussionist, traditional culture researcher and field recording engineer who has just released his first solo work "Para ti"

The album Building Sites is available in all digital platforms.

Target audience:
Contemporary music fans;
Free improvisation fans (music, art and dance);
Immersive performance fans;
Experimental art, music, dance and film fans;
Cross-arts artists;
Music/ Art/ Dance students;
People interested in sound/health.

Youtube clips:
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the release of the album Building Sites and the live performance at the Fabrica in Brighton was cancelled. There was an online on the 11th of June 2020 on youtube instead.

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