Crac! 1989 - 1998

Formed in the early ’90s, Crac! scored his first CD, MóBRABA, only in ’97, winning the Award Copene Culture and Arts, one of the most important of Bahia.In its last formation, which lasted three years and lasted until the end of its activities in 2001, the band was formed by Nancy Viegas(voice) , Andre Borges (sax, flute, vocals and microtones), Julio Moreno (guitar and loops)’ Nego T. (bass and microtones) and Duda Machado (drums). But during the 10 years of existence, the band went through different stages and formations, always highlighting musical ingredients such as atonal and microtonalism, punk, jazz and Brazilian music.Former musicians: Nêio Mustafa (bass), Pedro Semanovischi (guitar), Mauro Rodrigues (drums), Tamima Brazil (drums), Edbráss Brasil (vocals, microtones and effects), Juninho ‘Junix 11’ Costa (guitar), Betinho Barreto (guitar), Everaldo Águia (percussion), Peu Meurray (percussion), Andre Yogi (drums), Krishna Miranda (guitar) among others.

Since its release, the Crac! was considered one of the most important bands of their generation. It has Influenced contemporary musicians and rock bands in Bahia. The band played a memorable program Prima Matéria / TV Cultura, 1991; it was a finalist in the Canta Nordeste Festival, by 
Globo TV  in 1993; it has participated in several projects such as July in Salvador(1995) and the Northeast Underground at the SESC Pompeii, S. Paulo(1998) ; it started researching the work of Composer Walter Smetak in 1991and it was carried on throughout the entire period in which the band was on active duty. The album MóBRABA was produced by Crac! and Bocha Caballero/ recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeti Corletto and pre-produced by Andre Tavares, Julio Moreno and Nancy Viégas.

Salvador is a Brazilian town that is known by its famous carnival and beautiful beaches. the colours of folklore and poverty live side by side around the urban space. curious instruments, comics, rock and roll. crazy guys playing some crazy music. this is móBRABA, the first CRaC! band’s album. it results from the most important art/culture award from Bahia, the ”prêmio Copene de cultura e arte” that the band won last year. at the beginning of the 90′s, in salvador, some guys were gathered around an eccentric name and proposal. despite the tropical and gay atmosphere of salvador, the CRaC! members were attracted by weird noises. something like john cage, Dead Kennedys, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes, black sabbath, Frank Zappa, Hermeto Pascoal and John Zorn sounds. because of such an interest and attraction, they decided to investigate Smetak’s sounds. Smetak was an important Swiss musician that lived in Bahia in the 70s and influenced Tropicália and another Brazilian expressions with his curious instruments. in 93, CRaC! was pointed as ”revelation band” when ”formigueiro”, a dodecaphonic samba-rock song was finalist in another important regional music festival. then, they presented for the first time their ”cretino instruments”, wind instruments made by PVC tubes, rubber pipes and plastic trash inspired on Smetak’s inventions. listening MóBRABA gives you a sensation of reading comics. alternatives, hardcore, hip hop metal, pop music and regional influences appeared with a new shape re-created by the group’s accent. the result is revealed by the microtones’ distribution through the sound space and by the relationship between the plans of the voices and instruments. na sopa, the videoclip, was on Brazilian MTV in august and last October the band played the ”Nordestes”, important cultural event in Sao Paulo representing Bahia State. the union between the most archaic elements and the available technological resources is the band’s solution in this post hippie_punk_hackers world. MóBRABA is an album of our time, when everything is disposable, (including us). it’s, no doubt, one of the most expected Brazilian underground’s albums. we hope you like it!

The album MóBRABA was recorded by Nancy Viégas – vocal, Julio Moreno – guitars, Andre Borges – sax, microtones, vocals, Guimo Migoya – drums, Magno Vito – bass. Bellow, you can listen to the full album:

Crac! MoBraba

Watch the video clip of Na Sopa: 

Na Sopa

Influences - John Zorn, Patife Band, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Walter Smetak, Black Sabbath, Fear, Faith No More, Nina Hagen, Dead Kennedys, Ministry, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Coltrane, Arrigo Barnabé, Hermeto Pascoal, Mr Bungle and many others.


Brazilian rock band from the 90s. In 1990,  they recorded what turned to be the second independent album in the history of Bahia. the LP Inducao Hipnotica was produced by Felipe Cavalieri and recorded at his studio at ‘Liberdade’, a historical neighbourhood in Salvador.

Bellow, the LP cover and a link for one of the tracks:

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