Brazil 2013\ Brasil 2013

This is a very important moment in Brazilian history. Our people has finally decided to react against the complete political mess and mass corruption that has taken control of our government. At the same time that laws are made to facilitate the cover-up of corruption at our 'parlament', straordinary ammounts of money(TAX MONEY) that were intended for the infrastructure of the sports world events of next years, which already goes against all Brazilian needs(education and health infrastructure), are diverted from that to the pocket of some selfish politicians and businessmen who, in an ideal racional socially fair world, should be jailed for life.

On top of that, the ridiculous minimum salary, the price of the horrid public transport, food and basic bills, the disrespect, the violent authority of a corrupt police force forced the people to go to the streets in protest. No political party is to take part on the street's revolution - they are no different nowadays. The midia cannot cover this up anymore. The WWW is already all over the world and the digital machines are everywhere. There are videos-witness all over the net. Social medias are burning with discussions and moviments and so on.

The Brazilian people cannot and will not tolerate this shame ny longer. We have to get rid of our rotten administration and we will!