Communication - Tell Me:

  • A microtonal acoustic wind instrument to be played by five performers simultaneously;
  • A sound sculpture and musical performance about social decisions.
    - Five people blowing in five different tubes blending their five distinct timbres into a single sonic

    Visual physicality - 2m long PVC tube on a vertical position. On top, a bowl made of paper mache (75cm diameter) is hanged. Connected to the backside of the bowl –
    which is used as acoustic box – five tubes of different length,
    diameter and matter will produce various sound qualities. Each tube

    is to be played by a different person. The audience perceives the sounds from the one acoustic mouth.
    Aural physicality- Frequencies of most audible parameters coming at the same time from the same place but produced by different sources.
    The intention is to symbolize the disharmony in the communication between the different parts of the world. Different voices are forced to find an agreement. Different sounds forced to share the same chamber. At the same time, the object also exposes questions around auto-sustainable energy use and the recycling of our waste as examples of issues that involve the five continents but that cannot find any honest agreement.
    Five connections linked to one acoustic box. Five continents connected by the same world. Five different opinions – they all speak without listening. Their sound echoes in the same atmosphere. What we hear is a weird song. A microtonal sound mass that contains reflections on our collective despair, ignorance, selfishness, immediacy and immaturity is propagated. Although each part has its own individual characteristics, inevitably they all become part of the same voice. Will this voice eventually be understood? These frequencies might interfere somehow in our lives, in our private and public daily decisions.

This work also goes against bad use of technology and the misbehavior of a society that is sunk in consumerism. The materials were chosen from disposable objects of daily use.
Influence of social pictures:
Picture 1 ‐ Our society struggling to make unprofitable decisions in our present moment for an uncertain future. The world is susceptible to changes that are not under control of our civilization. The civilization itself has never been under self‐control. The heads of political power are gathering in hope for comfortable solutions but not showing convictions. Meanwhile, lives are carried on day by day in our contemporary world were the real is not certain and ignorance is still a safe home.
Picture 2: Traces of information ‐ clear or manipulated – that are no longer fresh, are blown by the wind on old newspapers.
Picture 3: Christmas holiday memories and presents are kept for sometime before they are forgotten or replaced. However, Christmas waste lasts
longer. Glass and plastic bottles, wrap paper, plastic and
an enormous amount of food are all unconsciously

spoiled as if we could afford to keep our contemporary style of rich western life forever wasting so much.
Picture 4: Instead of having technology as a great
ally against our
bad habits, we let consumerism transform
it into uncountable useless electronic gadgets and every
new color or shape is a reason for replacements year after
year. Moreover, it is never worth to fix a broken machine.
We simply buy a new one and get
rid of the old one ‐
meaning just having it out of sight. Most of these things could probably last for an entire human lifetime.

Private Connections /Springboard:
Wind – breathing – voice – sound – communication – newspapers – recycling – technology – consumerism - waste.


BYOS 2008

Inspired by the imagery seen through microscopes in microbiology, This work consists in a series of  slides accompanied by a soundtrack. I made the slides using ink, cotton, oil essences, plaster, alcohol gel, blood(mine), acrylic paint  and parts of insects. The soundtrack Is based on the soundscape of a Cardiac ward at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, in Brighton. It was recorded at home, using
beeps from laptop, desktop, microwave and timer, heartbeat samples, scissors, air pump, cooler, air-conditioner, PVC pipe 40mm, conduit, rubber balloon, alto saxophone mouthpiece+tube+bottle(saxcretino) and voice.
You can check all the slides and a link with a sample of the audio below:





Hearing Touch- Interactive Live Sound Installation

Hearing Touch is a specific aesthetic situation for ears and touch. A semi-dark corridor in which the audience walks through, stepping and touching different materials and consequently producing and experiencing different sound textures.

The intention is to bring awareness of senses through stimulation. Specifically, Hearing Touch
Is related to the constant presence and influence of common sounds that have touch as their cause.

In contrast to the amplitude an influence of vision, a direct physical experience is becoming rare. Also the overproduction of sound - including noise - has taken people to a state of hearing numbness. In reaction to such situation, I have decided to build a space where eyes are tricked by close objects and lack of light while touch and hearing are stimulated by everyday objects. The Audience experiences the corridor as music performers, making their own music while passing through, or as listeners while waiting outside the space.

Newspaper, bubble wraps and supermarket plastic bags are the media used by the audience to build up their own sonic and tactile experiences. From outside, audience can hear each the sounds projected from inside and have their own thoughts, memories and projections of what is to come while someone else is playing the corridor.

Rules and suggestions:

  • Concentrate in the sounds;
  • Walk slowly (it is a tiny corridor);
  • Use the left side wall as guiding reference;
  • Take your shoes off;
  • Only one person is allowed inside de corridor each time;
  • Be quiet while waiting for your turn. The sounds inside are very delicate;
  • It is visually confusing. Do not get distracted.

Where R U?

I got the idea of a live performance combined with mediated performance.  The question about where I am is shown in my video through a pseudo-live chat between my image captured by a webcam and projected on the screen of my laptop, my image directly captured by the camcorder, and my “real” self present in the room wherever the video is projected. Although this was a video I could make at any free time at home, it was a great challenge to be able to control angle and zoom of a camera, say the line of both me and my webcam images. I had to hang a little mirror by the side of the webcam so I could move the camera between the two of “us”. I had to make it in chose close-ups so I controlled the zoom to get extreme, medium and normal. I had to record around 15 times to get a few sequences without mistakes and I decided to keep some imperfections, if compared with the original idea, and let them be part of the scene. Even the little animation in the beginning, made first with writings on a paper and latter with pre-cut letters of a black paper, instead of transferring the video to my mini DV tape, I recorded it from the little monitor as a hidden link to the concept of copy.

Where r u ? on Youtube:


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