C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E
Phone (UK): 01273 620594 / 074 0278 2126

Education & Qualifications

Degrees :

Institution: University of Brighton
Subject: Performance and Visual Arts(Music )
Degree: BA(hons)
Period: 2008 - 2011
Tutor: Conall Gleeson
Institution: Universidade Catolica doSalvador
Subject: Law
Degree: BA(hons)
Period: 1990 - 1995
Tutor: Ruben Bacelar

Short courses:

Institution: Universidade Federal da Bahia
Subject: Saxophone
Period: March-November, 1996
Tutor: Rowney Scott
Institution: Universidade Federal da Bahia
Subject: Music & Rhythm
Period: March-June, 1992
Tutor: Tom Tavares


Institution: Museum of Modern Art(Bahia)
Subject: Saxophone
Artist: Brandford Marsalis (USA)
Period: August, 1995
Institution: Castro Alves Theatre (Brazil)
Subject: World Percussion Panorama
-Nana Vasconcelos(Brazil) - March, 1999
-Nana Vasconcelos/Hermeto Pascoal (Brasil) - March, 1998
-Nana Vasconcelos/ Barata Muni (Bali) – March 1887
-Nana V./GlenVelez (E.U.A.) / UAKTI(Brasil) - March 1996
-Nana Vasconcelos(Brazil); Trilok Gurtu(Índia} March, 1995

Transferable Skills:

Saxophonist, microtonalist, performer and sound artist: Since 1992, creating microtonal instruments and performing in collaboration with Theatre, Dance and Circus Companies, Video works and Music groups in Brazil and abroad. Living in the U.K since 2004 and recently engaged in solo performances exploring internal body sounds combined with Arduino technology.



Institution: Trillion Dollar Company (Germany)
Role: Saxophonist / performer
Show: The Caesar Twins (main performances in Berlin, Hanover, London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Singapore)
Period: 2004 – 2008
Director: Markus Pabst
Institution: Trillion Dollar Company (Germany)
Role: Saxophonist
Show: Ein SommernarchtsBaum (Germany)
Period: 2005 and 2007
Director: Markus Pabst
Institution: The Famous Spiegeltent (Australia)
Role: Saxophonist    
Show: La Clique (Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe)
Period: 2005 – 2006
Director: Markus Pabst
Institution: Picolino Circus Company (Brazil)
Role: Musical Director, Saxophonist, Flutist;
Shows: Sonhos, Desafio, Corre-Corre, Uma Troupe do Brulho, A rosa, De tempo em Tempo, Em Busca do Choro Perdido, Magias e Bruxarias, Panos, Batuque, Guerreiro, cenascotidianas@circ.pic(Brazil)
Period: 1992 – 2004
Director: Anselmo Serrat
Institution: More Promotions (Germany)ZAP Arts
Show: Ein Sommernachtsbaum
Role: Saxophonist, Flutist, percussionist/performer
Period:  2007, 2004 and 2002
Director: Markus Pabst
Institution: Circus of 1000 Faces (Holland/Germany)
Role: Musical Director/ Saxophonist and Percussionist/performer
Shows: European Tour (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, U.K., Belgium, and Switzerland.
Period: April – September 2000.
Director: Neil Gladwin


Institution: ZAP Arts(UK)
Role: Saxophonist, flutist, percussionist
Play: Home Fires
Period: 2015
Director: Terry O'Donovan
Institution: More Promotions (Germany)
Role: Saxophonist, flutist, percussionist
Play: Bedelu
Period: 2001 - 2003
Director: Markus Pabst
Institution: Teatro dos Novos Company(Brazil)
Role: Saxophonist, flutist
Play: Em Pé de Guerra
Period: 2000
Director: Chica Carelli
Institution: Bando de Teatro do Olodum(Brazil)
Role: Saxophonist, flutist
Play: Oprea dos 3 Reais
Period: 1998
Director: Márcio Meirelles
Institution: Asa Branca Theatre Company(Brazil)
Role: Saxophonist, flutist, percussionist, singer, performer
-O Voo Da Asa Branca (1999)
-Angel City(1998)
-Na Rua na Sua, na Lua (1997)
-Um dia, um sol (1996)
Director: Deolindo Checcucci

Awards and Nominations:

-The Alan James Creative Bursary and Residency for Borges Machado's Building Sites project (by the EFDSS 2023)
-The New Voices Seed Award for the animation "Da Loja Pro Lixo" (Sound and Music UK 2019)
-The Nagoya University Award  for outstanding artistic achievement (Degree Shows University of Brighton 2011) "INSIDE-OUT a sound art performance"UK;
-The Seoul National University Award  for outstanding artistic achievement (Degree Shows University of Brighton 2011) "INSIDE-OUT a sound art performance"UK;
-The Burt Brill and Cardens Award  for outstanding artistic achievement (Degree Shows University of Brighton
-Best Video Soundtrack (Festival dos 5 Minutos 1999) “O Eterno Retorno do Mesmo” BR;
-Best Soundtrack (Joinville Theatre Festival 1998) Play: Angel City BR;
-Best Soundtrack (Novo Hamburgo Theatre Festival 1998) “Angel City” BR;
-Best Soundtrack (Coca-Cola Theatre Festival 1997)“Um Dia, Um Sol” BR;
-Premio COPENE de Musica (Banda Crac! 1997) BR;
-Best Soundtrack for video (Festival dos 5 minutos 1995)"Borboletas" BR;

Collaboration in Music Records:

-Migrants' Song Cycle (Lambrego) 2022
-King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band, 2018;
-Moscote (Thiago Trade) 2018;
-Japanese Food(Giovani Cidreira) 2017;
-Macaca (Gizzzmo) 2003;
-Tuze de Abreu (Tuze de Abreu) 2002;
-Nancyta e os Grazzers (Nancyta) 2002;
-Terra que Berra (Jonga Lima) 2002;
-Materia-Prima (Monica Bejur) 2002;
-Trilhas do Vila (Teatro Villa-Velha) 2000;
-Dr. CASCADURA (Dr. Cascadura) 1999;

Bands and Solo Albums


-Psych.KG 299 by FLUXUS - track Inside-Out, 2011 (Germany 2016);

-1Minute Autohypnosis Sex War Noise Faith White Truth Light Europe Death Seed Red Net Jung Dollar Neo Time Love-in City Twenty New Cage Zen Self LSD Dose Tesla Sea Place Breaking-Up Father X-Ray Future Loud Blood Sweat Tears Hope - track Cardiorespiratory Polyrhythm With Involuntary Bowel Improvisation (Spain 2016)


Short Film:Yomango
Role: Composer/musician/producer
Period: 2018
Director: Alexandre Guena and Rafaela Uchôa

Film: Depois da Chuva (After the Rain)
Role: Composer/musician/(opening track - Can-Gu-Ru, performed by Crac!
Period: 2018
Director: Claudio Marques and Marilia Hughes

Video: O Eterno Retorno do Mesmo
Role: Composer/musician
Period: 1999
Director: collective

Video: Borboletas
Role: Music Director/Co-Composer/musician
Period: 1995
Director: Eduardo Lino