"Depois da Chuva" (the movie) at the "Festival de Cinema de Brasilia"

Festival de Brasilia 2013 - Best srcipt to Claudio Marques

The Brazilian film production "Depois da Chuva" (After the Rain), by Claudio Marques and Marilia Hughes, has just won 3 Candango awards in the 46th Brazilian Cinema Festival of Brasilia (46ºFestival de Brasilia do Cinema Brasileiro). The first award was for its Soundtrack to Matthew Dantas, Nancy Viegas and bands Crac! and Dever de Classe, as well as Patife Band. The second award to Claudio Marques for the Best Script, and the award of Best Actor to Pedro Maia, 17, the son of great photographer and dear friend Sora Maia.

Pedro Maia (best actor) - photo by Agnes Cajaíba
Depois da Chuva - photo by Agnes Cajaíba
Set in Brazil's political democratization of the 80s, in a Salvador that was experienced by the author, as well as myself, the film has a teenage libertarian ideas living his political awakening and discovering love. “Depois da Chuva” will hit screens in March 2014, along with the 30th anniversary of the movement of the “Diretas Já and will be distributed by the Space Movies.

To see this part of our lives been turned into a film is just delightful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Brazil at the time of the production, so I could join Crac! for the show scene with Dever de Classe. Nevertheless, it is a great pleasure to have our old recordings as part of the soundtrack of the film, and to have this moment of Brazilian history brought to the big screen. 

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Thank you all for being what you are and doing what you do.

One more time, GONGRATULATIONS!!! I love you all!!