Communication Tell me 2010

This is my work for the exhibition show at the South and North galleries, Grand Parade Building- University of Brighton. Second year students of Performance and Visual Arts, March 2010.

Materials: newspaper, PVC pipes and hoses, saxophone mouthpiece, spray paint, iron chains, wire, chip board, double hanger, baking flour, salt, water and adhesive.
Dimensions: 2.4m high x 0.9m wide x 70 deep
Date: 2010

Artistic Statement

“Communication- Tell Me” is a critique to the impotency of the Leaders of all Nations. Making serious decisions that affect the whole structure of our “globalized” civilization and, at the same time, having their own specific commitments, the delegates of our societies won’t do more than remain superficial on such issues.
This interactive sound sculpture is a microtonal sonic experiment brought to life to resolve such political problems. Five members from five different cultures or even continents can discuss any issue through the sounds of the pipes. No matter the differences between them, all sounds will be forced to unify their individualities into a single sound mass that reverberates in a single acoustic bowl.

One side of the wall:
The Bowl – made of paper mâché, it is a build-up of a mix of chosen articles and headlines about international relations on newspapers from different countries and colourful adverts to make it aesthetically attractive. Its function is to unify whatever sounds come from its pipes.

The other side of the wall:
The Pipes – using drains that interconnect our private lives and breathing tubes that keep individuals alive in extreme situations, all sounds are channelled through a wall into the acoustic place where they are combined, amplified and projected to the world. From very low to very high frequencies that are played in a variety of durations, the diversity of sounds represents different opinions and postures for global issues and Their combination represents the agreement on such issues.