Where R U ?

I got the idea of a live performance combined with mediated performance.  The question about where I am is shown in my video through a pseudo-live chat between my image captured by a web-cam and projected on the screen of my laptop, my image directly captured by the camcorder, and my “real” self present in the room wherever the video is projected. Although this was a video I could make at any free time at home, it was a great challenge to be able to control angle and zoom of a camera, say the line of both me and my webcam images. I had to hang a little mirror by the side of the webcam so I could move the camera between the two of “us”. I had to make it in chose close-ups so I controlled the zoom to get extreme, medium and normal. I had to record around 15 times to get a few sequences without mistakes and I decided to keep some imperfections, if compared with the original idea, and let them be part of the scene. Even the little animation in the beginning, made first with writings on a paper and latter with pre-cut letters of a black paper, instead of transferring the video to my mini DV tape, I recorded it from the little monitor as a hidden link to the concept of copy.

Where r u ? on Youtube: