Uranus Project

Site-Specific Performance, 2009

 The performance consisted in having a temporary hairdressing saloon at Old Steine’s bus stop D, Brighton. With its interesting architecture and location, the stop was just in front of a well-known hairdressing saloon where you were offered services of hair extension for  £550,00 in the year of 2009.

Uranus – the reaction

The act was also based on astrological aspects of planets Uranus and Venus. While the second brings beauty, money and  pleasure, Uranus shows originality, independence and humanitarian ideals.

The uranus saloon was a place where I could have my hair cut by members of the public. They  had the opportunity to cut someone’s hair, I had my hair cut and nobody spent a penny. The cut hair was then put in a safe box. The  “incredibly valuable” content was then donated to members of the audience of The Dot to Dot event as a token of our difficult financial times.

Words in mind – Society, Politics, Astrology, Body-modification, Myth, Money, Identity, Aesthetics, Post-modernism.

Inspirations – Yoko Ono, Crac! (Brazilian band), Venus hair design

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