Creative Commons License
BYOS by André Borges is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


Inspired in the imagery seen through microscopes in microbiology, This work consists in a series of  slides accompanied by a soundtrack. I made the slides using ink, cotton, oil essences, plaster, alcohol gel, blood(mine), acrylic paint  and parts of insects. The soundtrack Is based on the soundscape of a Cardiac ward at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, in Brighton. It was recorded at home, using beeps from laptop, desktop, microwave and timer, heartbeat samples, scissors, air pump, cooler, air-conditionair, PVC pipe 40mm, condwit, rubber balloon, alto saxophone mouthpeace+tube+bottle(saxcretino) and voice.

All slides and tracks from this Uni. 2008 project can bee checked bellow:

Anesthetis (track one)

Incision (track two)