I have been working with dancer Anna Psenitsnikova since 2009. We first met at the University of Brighton where we were both students of the Performance and Visual Arts course. I Did music and she did the dance path).

Our first professional public performance was at the Manege Experimental Arts Festival (St. Petersburg-Russia 2010), where we presented the first version of ‘Other than I’. The work combined video, dance, sound sculpture, sonic architecture and live music. The performance was divided into two 40min parts presented in two subsequent days, in two different areas of the Gallery.


The second part of the 2010 version can be seen at:



In 2011, we have decided to start a new project involving our two current solo performances. The project explores relationships under health risks. It contrasts sensuality with fear, love with death.

These are some images showing our  work this work and a link to a video :







In 2013, we are back together after a year break. The project entitled Mir!da is a collection of short performances. Two of these can be seen clicking on the links bellow:


Mir!ada 1:1 is a dance performance related to chosen imortal images from paintings of Maneirism.


Mir!ada 2:1 is a circus act with live music loop build-up


M!riada 3:0 is the evolved from the version 1:1