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Circo Picolino’s Company:

Started by the artist and director Anselmo Serrat in 1989, the Circo Picolino’s Company was initially a circus school for children around from 6 to 10 years old. The company was formed as consequence of the school’s activities in Salvador, Brazil.


In 1992 the company was engaged at ECO 92, in Rio de Janeiro, performing many shows with great impact from the audience.

In 1997, already well-established, the company became professional. Since then, they have been renewed and improved day by day.Have been taken part in various events and festivals in Brazil and abroad, the Company keeps  preparing and releasing new artists every year.


As well as performances in several Brazilian cities, Picolino’s company also did two important European tours (2000/2001), one in France, and the other, together with Circus 1000 Faces in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria and England.

On the circus ring, the energy, joy and sensuality; samba, cangaço, Orixás, Afoxés, Bumba M

eu Boi, capoeira, net-fishing; circus, dance, music, theatre and cinema are mixed in multi-media shows.


Spectacles like Panos, Batuque, Guerreiro and cenascotidianas@circ.pic from the “Viva o Circo project’ came up from the research of the genuine Brazilian contemporaneous circus language. Using the body capacity through circus arts, the spectacles are rich in poetry and scenic resources.

The ‘Todo Mundo Vai ao Circo’ is another project that involves a series of performances for children from public schools in order to inform and help on community’s issues through performance. By the time I left the circus, we had already performed for more than 130,000 students.

I worked as Music Director of the shows from 1992 until 2004 when  I decided to move to the UK. From 1996 on, I shared the musical command with friend, co-author and composer Amadeu Alves. Many compositions came from this partnership. We performed live with the circus for the subsequent 8 years without break. The band would vary from just the two of us to a 11-piece band with keyboards, bass, drums, vocals and percussion.


Apart from the performing duties, I also worked as educator, combining music and math for special youth classes during 1998 and 1999.

The circus supporting band had its own independent life. They have performed in events and festivals such as the ‘Festival of Lencois’ and the project ‘Tuesdays of Good Music’ of the ACBEU Theatre, Bahia – Brazil.

Watch the show of Banda Picolino at the ACBEU Theatre’s ‘Terca da Boa Musica’ Project on youtube:

Part 1- broadcasted by TV-E/2001

Part 2- broadcasted by TV-E/2011

Part 3- broadcasted by TV-E/2011

Part 5- broadcasted by TV-E/2011

Andre Borges & Amadeu Alves’ tracks recorded live at several circus shows:

Todo Mundo Vai ao Circo Project

Audience warm-up tracks:   Track one       Track Two

The Show:   Silk   Abertura   Unicycles   Abertura   Ring