King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band

previously known as “Father’s Grasp“, this is one of Rodrigo Kerr’s Musical Projects.

EXOTIC SOUNDS AND AROMAS… King Lagoon’s psychedelic Afro-Latin-dancing-music show comes with costumes and light show as well as a smells and effects technician to immerse your senses! Watch out for the giant lagoon creature!


On Youtube:

Blind Tiger 2012 (Ai Que Calor)

Secret Garden Party 2011 (Magic Charging Sand Witch)

Secret Garden party 2011 (100 0 000 Islands)

La Molina (Yma Sumac’s cover)

At the Comedia-Brighton (100 0 000 Islands)

At the Phoenix Gallery – Brighton 2011(Gazelle vs Gazelle vs Gazelle vs Mouse)